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OSHO Opening to the Heart

The true rebellion – from the head to the heart

“When the flower of the heart blossoms then the sun of truth shines on it.”  Osho

The heart is an inner garden of tranquility and our refuge from the domination of thoughts and emotions; but we carry many layers of conditioning regarding the heart, including romanticism, idealism, self-sacrifice and narcissism.  This course is a way to escape from this collective misunderstanding, instead exploring ways to access the heart directly and existentially and to allow ourselves to experience the clarity and joy that is living from the heart.

“The silence that I have been talking about is the silence of the heart. It is a song in itself, without words and without sounds. It is only out of this silence that the flowers of love grow. It is this silence that becomes the garden of Eden.”  Osho


Opening to the Heart will help you discover the true qualities of the heart and find ways to integrate these qualities into your life. You will see that each moment you have the choice of approaching life from the head or from the heart. You will also experience the heart as a bridge to meditation using techniques from Meditation: The First and Last Freedom. You will move easily into a natural, relaxed state of witnessing and see how this can transform your daily life and your relationships with others.

When the heart is closed we feel isolated, cut off from life and from true communion with others and we tend to look for reasons that justify feelings of anger and resentment.   In Opening to the Heart, we will experience the essential qualities of the heart space – intuition, empathy, compassion and love and, in this experience, we will begin to recognize and release old patterns of negativity and create space for new ways of being and relating.

“Try to live from the heart more and more. Whenever it happens that your heart is feeling a little open, don’t miss that opportunity because the door to the divine is open in that moment. Catch hold of it and taste it as much as you can, so by and by it becomes part of your life.”  Osho


About the Facilitator

Divya Prem

Divya Prem is a certified meditation facilitator of Osho Active Meditations and Osho Talking to Body Mind from OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune. She started her journey in meditations 18 years ago and through the experiences in various Osho meditations like Self Hypnosis, Osho Mystic Rose, Osho No-Mind , she transformed her way of living life. Now she is facilitating transformative meditations such as Nadabrahma, Kundalini, Nataraj, Laghter Meditation which is designed for a Happy and ecstatic life through private and group sessions and also for Corporate. She also offers 112 Short and Quick Osho Meditation techniques for todays world.

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